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Hi,   I am trying to build a custom die-cut sticker product. I enabled the sticker cutline preview from the product page. after designing the sticker in the Editor the sticker outline gets misplaced. It should be behind the sticker with a small patch outside the sticker.   Is anything more i need to know about this. Please Anyone who finds the same issue help me out.   Thanks.   PS: Already Create a ticket


created by Yasmin

Is there a file size limit or something when saving templates in NB Designer?  My templates won't save when creating new ones - does anyone else have a similar problem?  Wondering what i can do? 

created by Elite Cooper

Summer was on the way!  “Summer has a flavor like no other. Always fresh and simmered in the sunshine”, Oprah Winfrey - the famous American talk show host said.  Right! Let’s chill the summer vibe together by the promotion of CMSmart-  “Buy 1 Get 3 Free”: When you buy any product, you will receive 3 gifts:  * 1 Coupon Code 20%  * 1 Ebook Google Ad PDF: Steps help you create a successful Google Ads campaign and improve your results. *...

Selena? I think she is doing nothing. She is playing a game. I paid 200 usd for custom coding and she is not able to set it up. Today she told me again she does not work on Saturday... it is FRIDAY!   When will you be able to answer on a question? Such a bad company you are. Is there any manager in your company?

I have a question - is there any working website here? Could anybody send me a reference link for the Teepro Template and the NB designer working?   I bought the plugin and template almost 1 year ago. It is very difficult to set it up, no tutorials, no guides. And the support is always answering with a question,never with a solution. I also paid extra for coding, but here as well no progress.   So some working websites perhaps give hope...

Hello. Currently I have a platform that already receives a SAML response, but we are having problems validating the authenticity of said request, could this extension help me only to validate said response? Everything else (user registration and login) we have already built Regards


created by Jeroen

Is it possible for customers to upload a video to an existing order? ie after the order had been placed?

Labour Day -  the special occasion, we celebrate all the honor, and contributions of laborers to the development and achievements.  To celebrate Labour Day, CMSmart has launched a promotion that has never happened before to remind you that you are great, you deserve everything you have done!  Labor Day Sale  Discount 20% off all items Code: LDAY2021  Time valid: 28/04 - 02/05/2021  On this special vacation, CMSmart also wants to say thank you to all customers who trust and use our...


last by unnamed

In some of the greeting card design we want to add rectangle, square and round placeholder to browse image, is it possible?

Hi, We love this theme as we are about to open an online fishing products store.  Is this theme compatible with Wordpress 5.7 and do you ensure complete compatibility with all updated versions of Wordpress moving foward? I look forward to hearing from you soon as we are ready to buy now. Thanks, Mike W.


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