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created by CDR Australia

A CDR stands for competency Demonstration report is a collection of documents required by Engineers Australia to approve engineer aspirants for Australia Immigration. It allows to show the engineer's knowledge required as Australian standards but it is challenging to make a CDR report completely as per Engineers Australia guidelines. Engineers often need help with their CDR preparation. Now you don't need to struggle more. CDRAustralia.Org is here to alleviate all your concerns and provide...

Engineers from Brazil often require assistance in preparing CDR reports that follow the stringent regulations of Engineers Australia (EA). Failure to comply with these regulations could result in EA's rejection. Don't worry! We at CDRAustralia.Org are here to provide top-notch CDR Writing Services in Brazil for Engineers Australia. Our dedicated team of expert CDR Writers is available 24/7 to offer you a comprehensive CDR package. If you are in Brazil and need CDR Writing...

Engineers from Germany usually need help with preparing CDR reports per the strict regulations of Engineers Australia. This could lead to rejection of them from EA. However, there is no need to worry anymore as CDRAustralia.Org is here to offer the best-quality CDR Writing Services in Germany for Engineers Australia. We have a specialized team of expert CDR Writers available around the clock to provide you with a comprehensive CDR package. If you are...

andra pichiu

created by andra pichiu

Hi. I have a major problem on my variantions since two days ago, my website (on desktop) is displaying the correct price for the variation selected, but on mobile it doesn't show at all. What can I do? 

Alessandra Paolillo

created by Alessandra Paolillo

Hi, Are you going to provide upgrade for Joomla 4? Alternatively the plugin is compatible with php 8 Thanks

Андрей Селиванов

created by Андрей Селиванов

Will Multiple Image Upload support Virtuemart 4 and Joomla! 4?

Abdulrahman Alhabdan

created by Abdulrahman Alhabdan

Can I have coupon code 

Youprint Portugal

created by Youprint Portugal

I activated the area that says "Become a designer", then I log in with a different account in the client area and when I fill out the form to become a designer, it refreshes the page but does not send any information to the backend. The customer's order does not appear.

Kai Von Pannier

created by Kai Von Pannier

When will this extension be compatible for Joomla 4 / Virtuemart 4 be availavle?Thanks

Emmanuel Amuwa

created by Emmanuel Amuwa

I want to try this before buying it. Thanks


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