You want to do business online and want to use the software to sell online, but you don't know what the software should include facilitating the use and needs of the business. However, in this article I will introduce you to a function of managing orders, I think this is one of the most important functions of sales management software.

What functions does the software's Order menu usually have? What information does Oder Dashboard use to check?

We will guide you in detail on the main functions in the Order Dashboard

For example: I will first place an order on the Store including 3 Bennie With logo and 3 Belt, then fill out my information about the phone number, email address, delivery address and select bar form maths

After placing an order, go to the Order Dashboard to check and correct or add information to the order that the customer has placed.

  • Step 1: You select the "Order", then select "Processing".
  • Step 2: Select the order you just created.
  • Step 3: In Billing and Shipping, you can edit and change customer information.

- In Order Note, you can write notes for shippers and customers.

- In Status section, you can modify order status

  • Step 4: Then select "Update" to complete the information.

You can refer to the video below:

On the Order Dashboard, there will be sub-menus such as All Order, Processing, On Hold, Completed and Canceled.

  • All Order: You can check the information of all orders that the customer placed in every status.
  • Processing: You can check orders in processing status
  • On Hold: Orders are in the Hold status
  • Completed: Completed orders
  • Canceled: Orders failed and canceled.

Besides, you can check the status of other orders such as Pending payment, Refunded, Failed. Please operate:

  • Step 1: Select All Order.
  • Step 2: In Status, select the status you want to check.
  • Step 3: Click Filter to show the orders with the same status.

If your server does not support you, please call to host manager and ask for support.

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