It has been one more year since the first time Magento 2 version got launched ( in November 2015). In November 2018, Magento will most likely quit supporting the 1.x Enterprise Editions. Therefore, migrating to Magento 2.x is the future and sooner or later you have to do. In this article, we will focus on two most important questions:


The release of Magento 2 seems to improve all the weaknesses and fix the bugs of Magento 1.x version. So we will give you some suggestion for each size of business on when they should upgrade:

  • Small business – Less customization

If you are a very small business operating on Magento with relatively less amount of customizations, migration to Magento 2.x will take a couple of months. So you can consider upgrading as late as Jan 2018.

  • Medium business – Few hundred SKUs and moderate customization:

If your business comes with some hundred SKUs and a moderate amount of custom work done on the store, you should upgrade from mid-June this year. Because it will take you about 3 or 4 months to migrate definitely in terms of getting all the custom work redone and building a perfect streamlined store. The reason why we suggest you start in the mid-year is the last months of the year would be the explosion time for all business, a lot of Holiday to promote your sale so you should make sure your site has run smoothly at that time.

  • Large business / Enterprise – Thousands of SKUs and huge customization:

In this case, the migration might last for a year. So, don’t hesitate to carry out right now. But the planning has to be done carefully considering all the aspects of a large-scale migration. Planning the upgrade next year is not even a choice.


For any aspect, Magento 2 is always better than Magento 1.x. It will be an endless list if I show you the reason so I just list the most outstanding reason why you should upgrade your website to Magento 2.

  • Performance

50% faster loading time and 38% faster checkout process in comparison to version 1.x, so amazing! Magento 2.x can manage 10 million catalog page views an hour compared to only 500,000 page views per hour as supported by the Magento 1.9 or Magento 1.14 platform. Magento now supports PHP 7 which is one of the major reasons for the explosive performance improvements.

  • Interface improvement

The interface of Magento is assessed to be more fluidic and interactive design which is far more user-friendly than that of its previous generation. Because of the intuitive back-end, UI merchants can now open up the admin panel from any touch-based device. Although the backend is still not perfect, users said that it is easier to use than the previous version. A huge improvement has been made in the product import/export mechanism of Magento.

  • Easy maintenance and upgrade

Because the modular code base of Magento 2 is a lot faster than the old one so you can add different extensions on your site without worrying about conflicts. Even maintenance is a lot simpler now which will save both your time and money.

The last words,

There are a lot of amazing improvement in Magento 2, we hope that through this article, you can choose the proper time to upgrade your site and take all advantages of this new version.