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created by Janet Tran

We are in the technology world with many enormous innovation of mankind. Today, e-commerce is gradually replacing for traditional trade method. Only by one click or some actions of searching on internet, you can buy the product you want.To catch up with the digital development, e-commerce websites built on Joomla platform are becoming more popular and familiar with website owner. It is smarter with Joomla templates and extensions which help website more functional and...

Kapil Murugiah

created by Kapil Murugiah

Hi,i'm unable to install the theme.Could you help me further with this?

With a boom in the e-commerce industry and growing dependency of people on online retail stores for their shopping needs, starting an e-commerce store is an ideal business to invest in today. Therefore, Magento platform is a good choice for many e-commerce businesses to build their websites. It helps you build beautiful, easily navigable and eye-catching online stores. E-commerce stores on the Magento platform that are fast to load, improved enhancements making your site...

created by Janet Tran

The distinction between retailer and etailer is becoming less defined, as more consumers turn to the web for product information, recommendations and purchasing decisions. In 2015, this line will continue to blur. Omnichannel, mCommerce, brick meets click, and lightning fast checkout are important strategies for ecommerce merchants to embrace.And here are some eCommerce trends 2015 you should familiarize yourself with to stay competitive.

Fruit's Best

created by Fruit's Best

Hello,i installed your Print Template on my Joomla 3.45 and the photoupload is not working.Error: SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data.Further more i wanted to know :How is it possible to do a link on the product-image in the category-view, that a client who click on it , get the further informations of the product. Now only a hover is coming.Thanxs in advance.. best regards .. L.

Mobile platform has changed the way we interact with the world. It is difficult to imagine yourself with a mobile phone with no functioning internet. You can access any website through their app. Some even condemn the self obsessed culture of narcissism fueled by mobile apps.Having said that there is no denying that social networking addiction was theorized and studies have been conducted to confirm our fears. A study conducted by University of Derby...


last by unnamed

Hello,I'd like to buy your plugin-in for my magento store. Is it possible for guests to place the reservations (with out registration)? We are doing ship-2-store only and no home delivery is it possible to deaktivate the billing function and the delivery address and then just have the predefined locations (store addresses) as a delivery address?Thank You!Jevgeni


created by Rama

Hi Support team,Is your extension (Ajax Cart) also works for group products.

An overview of OpenCart, CS-Cart and PrestaShopWhen it comes to open source code platforms, people usually mention to Magento or Joomla as the leaders of e-Commerce market. There are other platforms in which are born previous and later, however, their development have never outperformed the 2 leading rivals. PrestaShop, Opencart and CS-Cart are among the “others”. These players do not concern much about the real demand and the practical feature for a product so...

One Page Check Out for Virtuemart is the most powerful Virtuemart Plug-in, which really helps you increase your sales, reduce 6 check out steps to one page light in weight, be easy to customize, check out quickly, and save big time.Today , we are here to introduce you One Page Check Out for Virtuemart of our Cmsmart. It will bring you the best choice when purchasing because of its differently strong features that I...


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