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created by Damon

Hi,I would like to purchase your product. I have a couple of questions, do you have an email I can contact you on?Thanks!D

Magento and WordPress have grown to be the much-described topic of discussion, with regards to e-commerce development. Both of them are content management systems and comes rich in exemplary features that assist internet based shopping sites to create the high-end and functional e-store. Frequently retailers get confused in selecting the ideal platform for developing their web store. Using this article, I’ll provide insight on when you should pick WordPress or Magento specifically for your...

When people think about SEO, there is likely a specific idea that comes to mind. You might think about certain keywords or links, or you might think about certain tricks that you have used in the past. If you have never worked in eCommerce, however, then you have to change everything that you know. The needs here are different from the needs for a blog, and it shows in what succeeds. If you want...

Ken Amoke

created by Ken Amoke

HelloI would like to know if this furniture theme is compatible with this multi vendor plugin.Kindly do let me know. is it possible to use a different payment gateway apart from Paypal?Regards

Hi,In Joomla 3, VM3, how do I get the invoices to automatically send to customers on a confirmed order?I have orders processed through Paypal, where the order is confirmed, and an invoice is created in CMS Order management... but the invoice is marked as "Invoice Not Sent", with the red 'X'.I know I can do this manually, but can I set it up so that the invoice is emailed autometically on confirmed creation?thanks,Mike

Howdy shop owners!Why is Halloween so important for your e-commerce business?To generate an impressive revenue on this occasion, you should bring your customers back from the dead with disguising your website now. This time for you to costume your site with a barmy ideas that will surprise your customers.We, Cmsmart cannot trick you; we just treat you as our way. 20% OFF for all products on marketplace from now until 31 Oct, 2015. Nothing...

Riccardo Pacini

created by Riccardo Pacini

I have just bought cleanmart, but I can't change "$" on chart, Item price and under the logo on top right, could you help me ?

Magento 2 is an exclusive ecommerce platform that has been designed in an extraordinary fashion to enable the developers use the next-generation Magento 2 platform to create pioneering and inventive solutions that will accelerate the growth ratios of merchandise of any organization.Magento 2 – Beta version has made several striking enhancements which include achieving the following:1.Updated technology stack.2.Streamline the process of customization3.Simplification of external integrations4.Enable the process of installation and up-gradation become more simple5.Improve...

Alpha Meppel

created by Alpha Meppel

Where do i change the invoicenumbers?Best regards,Raymond

Alpha Meppel

created by Alpha Meppel

Hello,I want to change the language to Dutch, is there a Dutch languagepack for download?Otherwise how do i modify the backend language, send e-mail and the Invoice-layout (Name, Adress, City etc.)Best regards,Raymond


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