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Hi,I'm using a template from Templatemonster for our new Golf Online Shop ( in the template was Cmsmart Ajax Search.I encounterd a bug, where the search result page always gives 0 (zero) percent tax instead of 19% on all products (in german law the tax must be shown on every product). On every other page, even in the advanced search, the tax is shown correctly.I contacted the support of Templatemonster and obviously they tried...

Despite the rise in popularity of social media in ecommerce, marketing with email continues to be among the leading economical means of advertising an ecommerce website. Efficient email marketing demands the utilization of a robust email marketing application that is both professional and easy to use.As a small business, your advantage in competing with larger companies is being able to match the level of professionalism and exceed the personalized level of customer service. You...

Hello, In 1 oct 2015, I created Account : [email protected](Group Gmail) and bought Magento Responsive Admin Template. After that I can not login this account. I try to reset password but don't get any email for verify code. Please Help.

Joomlavi is Cmsmart’s trusted partner from 2014, where the huge passion about Joomla. We are proud to work with Joomlavi because they own dedicated and professional team to deliver premium Joomla templates and easy-to-use Joomla extension. All of them is Joomla lovers.12 Responsive stunning Joomla templates will make your website become different, therefore you do not miss this chance, only on 5 days to receive $10, from 8 Oct to 12 Oct, 2015.Hurry up...

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Hi, the demo doesn't allow me to choose options

2015 was a year of very strong development of e-commerce. Besides the rapid development of e-commerce, the needs to build e-commerce websites also increased a lot. Therefore, the technology to build a website in general, building e-commerce websites in particular are being earmarked for the development and upgrading to help customers more easily to use and support more useful features.To create an e-commerce website, we can mention a lot of diffirent open source/e-commerce platforms....

When it comes to mind about running Online Marketplace, it’s no secret that building a startup is really hard. We can see some successful models like Ebay, Amazon or especially Themeforest, Mojo Themes, Creative Market, etc. But the behind story is such a very long term. So where is the chance for other younger ones? If there are buyers but few sellers, the buyers leave. Yet if there are no buyers, what will convince...

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Slow load times have been shown to negatively impact a variety of business metrics such as on eCommerce websites. Time is money and customers don’t use slow sites. One second delay in page time equals a 7% loss in conversions, 11% fewer page views and 16% decrease in customer satisfaction. Faster frontend performance optimization is better and your website as well as web-based applications need to be lightning quick or you will lose customers...


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Does the ajax add to cart support the latest Virtuemart version 3.0.10 and joomla 3.4.3?thanks


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Does the product wishlist is cmpatible with the latest version of Virtuemart 3.0.10 and Joomla 3.4.3?


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