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created by Janet Tran

So you’ve entered the wonderful world of WordPress development and built some plugins. Perhaps you have submitted them to the WordPress plugin directory for the wider community to use and benefit from. But you have been working hard, perfecting your code and one of your plugins solves a problem so well that you believe others would pay to use it.That’s true. But there are plenty of sites out there willing to sell WordPress plugins...


created by Sanjeet

Hi am having jewelery theme.. all category and product pages are throwing an error of 404...

created by Janet Tran

The rise in mobile phone traffic to online stores is partly being fueled by the overall trend of social-fueled discovery becoming a major marketing channel. Mobile eCommerce trend (m-commerce) is a term that describes the trend of online sales transactions that use wireless electronic devices such as hand-held computers, mobile phones or laptops.One of the features of m-commerce sites is the adaptation of websites to make them easier to use with smaller screen sizes....

created by Janet Tran

When talking about creating an e-commerce website, Virtuemart is one of the names that we often thinking about first. Virtuemart is an e-commerce platform very powerful; it supports many great features that help everyone can create an e-commerce site with ease.However, the use of external extension will help a lot for Virtuemart websites and the fact that any e-commerce Virtuemart website always uses a few extensions to help them add necessary features for their...

When seeing a great website with great products and services but it turns out to fail in one point is Checkout process. That causes the struggling with shopping cart abandon rate of many e-commerce websites nowadays.It’s essential if you want to make sales and reduce abandonment. So let’s talk about what common mistakes in Checkout process are and how to avoid them in this article.1. Not optimizing for MobileMore shoppers tend to buy products...


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what are the extensions that we have to buy as extra for this theme ?are the ajax pro search / mega menu / ajax cart pro included in this theme .

I got an error message when I tried to configure the special field for an article in Virtuemart. Is it possible I got the 3.0 version..?? In stead of the 2.6.6 version..?? The filename was: is there a separate version for 2.6.6There is a screenshot of the error mesage.

Dear our beloved customers,Extension Hub is a prestigous partner on Cmsmart, and it is a pioneer in Magento development and System Integration and Mobile Application. This week, we would like to offer 20% for 6 Magento Extensions only on 5 days, from 5 Oct to 9 Oct as below:1. Cart Popup Magento Extension – best utility to your purchased item cart and go to shopping cart functionality.2. Pre Order for Up-Coming – allows shop...

Hi,Does your extension One Page Checkout do Downloadable product?I read this here:

Most of something new in life is good for all of us and our new interface is one of them. Why do we change to the new one?We create a new interface with our aim is to make our website run quicker and more smoothly because your time is priceless and you will save more time while shopping. Besides that you can find what you need easily with clear and big banner.You are web...


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