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created by elever

Hi,Is it possible to dirctly edit Invoice html (not using json file)? Or use default Virtuemart invoice template? It is impossible to design probper invoice with drag and drop envirement.

created by Janet Tran

In western culture, sporting habit has been developed for a long time ago until now. Physical practice is carried out frequently resulting in different types of sports and riding bicycle is one of them. Therefore, it is said that sport stuff and tools have been gradually a potential market for e-commerce; bicycle shop is not an exception. So if you have been nurturing the ambitious opening a bike online store or a shop owner...

created by Janet Tran

Nowadays, it is totally clear that e-commerce has been developing enormously all over the world. Using Magento to create and design an impressing sale website is no longer strange for any owner or programmer. Moreover, you now can even go further than that with Magento extensions which are developed exclusively for Mobile. These applications support you effectively in displaying your Magento shop on Mobile devices. Let’s explore some of them together and you will...

Nguyen Trong Hieu

created by Nguyen Trong Hieu

Please support me

Aston Mak

created by Aston Mak

Hello CMSmart,We feel interested in your Funiture Theme, however, it also would like to check the layout and its function of its mobile version. Where can we have the access to mobile demo?Please kindly advise with thanks,BR,ASTON M.

Magento platform has provided more and more outstanding array of tools to online retailers in the hope of compete with other competitors. Nowadays, apart from free extension, Magento’ community edition increasingly provides paid extensions at advanced features.We hereby introduce some ecommerce Magento extensions form CMSMART that we believe will catch up the shop owners’ demands but still appeal to customers.Magento Color Swatch Extension with ZoomThis extension displays color swatches or color switchers on...

CMSmart team has experienced a long period of time since its foundation. The CMSmart at the moment is upgraded into a marketplace with a wider system of exclusive products coming from various suppliers. This marketplace is built aiming at broadening the accessibility of potential clients; therefore, it provides a wide range of advantages compared to single sellers. Take a deep look at primary reasons that convince you to sell your products on CMSmart marketplace.1....

created by Janet Tran

Launch promotions and increase your sales with our Magneto Daily Deal extension.Users generally form opinions about websites based on the kind of products values. While it takes time and a lot of effort to build a reputation, it takes even more time to fruitfully sustain a reputation once it has been built. With a countdown, the extension integrates your Magento store with limited time deal functionality to motivate your customers to buy more.The utility...

PrestaShop as compared to Magento has a simple backend and features are compactly packed in just 1.5mb. It shows that PrestaShop is very light weight and simple which automatically aids in better performance. However, speed is still an issue for PrestaShop and other performance parameter should be addressed for maximum performance.General Behavior of Customers?What is the general behavior of customers?Approximately fifty percent customers leave the shop if it loads slowly. We certainly have all...

Rich history in Magento extension, Innovativative and be the top Magento e-commerce solution, Evince Mage is trusted by a thousands of customers. Thanks to join Cmsmart marketplace as a prestigious seller.As an excellent centre of Magento Development solution with highly skilled team, this week we are glad to inform all customers 3 special products with 20% OFF only on Cmsmart from 12 Oct to 16 OctDiscover the program with your coupon code is...


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