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Pre-purchase question about your magento onestop checkout extension.Magento ver checkout page: Magento default checkout page. I never modify it.2 paid extensions are working well in my checkout page.1) Google Address Autocomplete, Finder and Suggestion.2) Webkul Dropship extension: this extension allow multiple warehouse shipping. If your extension is installed in my site, can 2 extensions work well in your extension?Thank you.

Octavian Popescu

created by Octavian Popescu

Hello.I currently use the platform Wordpress Theme JustShop. I want to buy a more efficient theme using Magento platform and saw your Magento theme Bakery. Please recommend me a good product for my shop on line of confectionery products. Moreover, it can, for a fee, to move the database to the new platform acquired from you?My site is

Virtuemart is a free e-commerce solution being able to integrate with Joomla CMS to provide a secure online business environment. Using Virtuemart for your website can make it look professional outside and inside as well. Thanks to its openness, Virtuemart is widely developed by people who use it. They will give out view of what considered Virtuemart favorites.Apart from available features and functions considering as Virtuemart favorites, clients can extend plug-ins, components, templates or...

Jason Tsoumenis

created by Jason Tsoumenis

Hi Iam interesting on buying a template from your site (sj-jare-luxury-responsive-joomla-virtuemart-template) but i have some questions before (I hope that you can help me here because from my ticket support I didn't take any answer)1)If I have any installation problems can you support me?2)Buying the template (1license) can I use it in localhost and after whwn I will finish the implamentation of the site remote? or I must use in just one of them...

Lê Khánh Thông

created by Lê Khánh Thông

Urip is a landing page HTML template built with Bootstrap version 3.3.5. Urip has modern, clean, and professional design that makes it fit to any purpose of landing page like business, lead generation, click through, creative, startup, app showcase, promotion, list builder and many more.DEMO DOWNLOAD

Steven Seabell

created by Steven Seabell

Hellowhen will this be abailable for joomla 3 and virtuemart 3. also when I view the video that is what I am looking for and when I go to the "Live demo" It does not allow me to add a new product but only list the products. What gives?thank you

Leonard Bogard Papilaya

created by Leonard Bogard Papilaya

Hi, do you provide web service API? I need to integrate with iOS and Android. Thanks.

As we may know, Magento is a leading online solution that started 5 years ago. Since its debut, Magento has created a huge wave of changing from web developers to customers. Magento has been downloaded more than 4 million times, which proves its quality, productivity and necessary for every single online site. Now Magento 2.0 is on the way to us, which promises a new stage of innovation in online business. Let’s see our...

Someone could explain how to create other customize attributes, like the example in image? I tried to create a new customize field (print color), then i apply that to the product, but the thumbnail square adds to the other field thumbnails (material). There is no documentation about this so if someone knows how to....Thanks. Maurizio

There is the fact that the number of people using mobile devices to access Internet and enter to the website increases dramatically in recent year. Being the one of the most professional web service providers, we, Cmsmart, always put all our effort to improve our products and Mangento sector is not an exceptional.If you are loyal customers of Magento platform, it is an omission if you skip Magento Responsive Admin template, which is one...


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