All of us understand that Magento 2 is one of the best platforms to successfully run an online store, let alone any type of products. Moreover, Magento 2 marketplace always offers us ideal modules and theme packages helping us serve our customers in the best way. While the e-commerce is developing as our technology booming, how to keep our customers stay at our site longer and longer is not easy. Among critical factors, store locator is much highly considered. It is more important when you are a shop owner whose a powerful website and a huge chain of offline stores. Thus, it can be said that Magento 2 Store Locator feature should be added to your Web-store.

The issue is taken out that You are an online shop owner and have many stories which are located in different geographical locations. In order to reach the ultimate goal of increasing your store network as well as revenue-boosting, you need to find the best way to display and show customer how to get their near places to do shopping after completing order through the site.

More details, we first say about the dynamic benefits of the Store locator feature for every e-commerce store as below:

  • By guiding clients directly to your products, it helps you increase significantly sales: With customers, information of your store is very important when they come to store. Thus, if you can provide enough information and show them the best convenience, they will be very happy and want to do shopping on your store. It will be very effective if your products are displayed and sold in offline store.
  • Store Locator helps you save much time and money when taking over the role normally fulfilled by you and your employees taking endless phone calls to direct clients to their nearest point of sales. This is also a good way to serve customers 24h/day and 7d/week. Store finder offers an elegant solution to protect your valuable distribution network by hiding the bulk of the list away on a secure server and only outputting tiny fragments at a time.
  • Many of our clients have benefited greatly by taking their retail outlet information and put it all in one easy to manage place. Store locator will centralize and simplify your outlet network and eliminate duplication of data.

Obviously, Store Locator plays a very crucial role for a web-store owner; especially the person has a huge network of offline outlets. With a Magento 2 store, Store Locator insists the importance and be helpful to give the best user-experience for your store. Then, we should learn how Magento 2 Store Locator develops its features on your store:

Benefits For user

With Magento 2 Store Locator module, you will display full list stories right on the left tab, thus, your customer can view store locations on the map, full of necessary information. Moreover, the information of store location is added into each Product page, allowing shoppers to see store name, store image, store link, address, number phone, email, fax number and schedule of a store. This will be very helpful information for them to consider where to go when visiting your offline store.

  • As you may know Google Map is one of the most powerful tools for anyone to find out their location. Customers just need to enter a few characters in the Address field and all relevant suggestions will be auto-drop as a list of choosing. Also, customers can get the direction to any store from their position by entering their store location and mode of traveling like driving, walking, bicycling or others. The map image even shows details of the street of your store, giving a clear guiding to customers, and they find easy to follow.

  • Besides, Store Locator plug-in offers your audiences some methods to find a store location. Customers can search stores by are like country, state, city or zip-code and distance (by filling a location and select distance). The search result will display a list as the highlight on Google map.
  • The extension is adjustable with any types of devices because it is completely responsive. More importantly, the Facebook comment box is available for customers to add review about quality for each store location.

Benefits for Admin

You just take some minutes to complete the installation and configuration of the module. Moreover, the module is compatible with any theme. Any settings can be processed in the back-end, making you comfortable when control and create new store location. At the same time, admin is able to show store locator link on header or footer, letting customers easily go to Store Locator Page. The time of Open – Close duration of a store is also very important and admin can set stores open times and days off flexible for each location.

A simple function but very necessary, Magento 2 Store Locator understands how to comfy your customers and gives the best guidance of the way to your locations. You just have it install within some minutes and enjoy smart features of it. First, take a view of the Demo of this Magento 2 Store Locator extension.