We usually use a blog for:

  • New products and services: Let your visitors know about upcoming products and services, show them very detailed about what is included inside because the introduction hardly shows every detail in terms of how they work and example of how they can be used for.
  • Changes to business culture: Are you experiencing any changes to the wider culture your business operates in? If so, comment on this to position yourself as a thought leader who is looking to the future.
  • All topics and news related to business: that’s the great way for you to ride the wave of popularity. When some topics become so hot, a lot of people will search for more information, ensure that your blog includes that kind of news, you can gain a certain amount of potential customers.
  • Show you are the top trendy business of industry: If you see the changes in the industry or be privy to the upcoming change, show you’re on the cutting-edge of news, more readers come to your blog, you can increase brand identity.

Due to those benefits of blog offering to business, why don’t you use the blog for boosting your sale? How? Magento 2 blog extension from Cmsmart provider allows users to add related products to each post. In short, the related products are the products recommended based on the product your customer is currently viewing and it intends to make customers buy more products including the one that he wanted in the first place. Increasing the concern of customers about your product is also a good way to increase the selling opportunities. This video will show you how to add the related products in a post by Magento 2 blog extension?