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Why is order management so necessary for business owners? Why do we always have to improve technology, shorten the process to make order management easier? How to manage your order with existing technology. Because of such questions, in this article, I will introduce you to order management and how to manage the order by frontend page on Your Virtuemart Website. Here we go!

What is order management?

Order management is quite simple. It is the process of efficiently tracking, monitoring and fulfilling sales orders. It includes the cycle of people, processes, and suppliers with the center as the data system to create and supply a positive customer experience. The order management process starts from when a customer places an order, to keeping track of that order until it is fulfilled (The goods went to customers and they were satisfied with it). It may also involve a product warranty.

Although this process seems straightforward, it is actually rather complex and difficult because it involves different departments and people. Therefore, although you have a fairly perfect process, there will still be problems in order management in your company.

What problems and issues are in Order management?

Many company owners find that when their business is strong growth. Many problems will arise due to the increasing number of employees. Such as some one-off incidences, we all think some problems such as late placement of order or wrong items delivered are seemingly harmless. However, they can tarnish the reputation of the business and reduce brand value and lead to unsatisfied customers.

In order to avoid delays and mistakes in delivery and reduce the cost of sales for these issues, wholesalers must streamline their business processes. Analyze the flow of orders by cross-referencing between the different departments until it reaches cash payments or bank deposits. Here are some marks of ineffectiveness in the operations management process, special with order management:

  • Redundancy and delays in order submission.
  • Errors in data entry (such as unclear handwriting or typed wrong) that may lead to fulfillment mistakes.
  • The mistake in manual processes and from old software systems.
  • Inventory information is not fast enough during the ordering process that leads to backorders.

How to manage the order in frontend of Your Virtuemart Website?

As you know, VirtueMart is a top open-source e-commerce solution. And problems in order management can also be solved with this solution. But how? With Advance Virtuemart Invoice, Business owners may perform some of the following works:

  • Create New Order in Admin Panel
  • Download All PDF Invoice to Your Computer
  • Send Invoices emails to Buyers
  • Search or Filter Order with Options
  • Advanced Invoice Template Customization
  • Easily Customize Orders
  • Quickly Update Order Status by Batch Action
  • Automatically Create PDF Invoices
  • The complete area on one page
  • Switch type of view chart
  • Monthly revenue report via a chart
  • Filter orders in the selected period
  • Cross – Browser support

How to it work? Of course, buy it and install it on your Virtuemart Website.

Step 1: Go to the Virtuemart Administrator page, choose Extensions menu -> Extension Manager.

Step 2: Click Browse and select zip file -> Click Upload and Install button.

Detail How to use Advance Virtuemart Invoice Extension, you can see the video below:

Above is an introduction article about Order management and How to manage the order in frontend page on Your Virtuemart Website by Advance Virtuemart Invoice Extension. We hope it brings a lot of useful information for you. If you have any questions about Advance VirtueMart Invoice, please contact Mr. Vincent. He is willing to answer all of your questions. Have a nice day! Goodbye and see you again!

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