Nowadays, shopping online is more and more popular but how many times your products which you offered didn’t look like your imagine. Many shop owners always use good reviews to describe and marketing for their products but what did their customers receive from them? It is product which just had the similar design but low quality. It not only brings their customers never comeback but also make them doubt shopping online. And it is exactly why Magento Product Video was produced. With Magento extensions shop owners can use images or videos to illustrate for their product; therefore, it not only helps customers understand clearly about products, but also builds the faith of customers on those products and your website, hence increase their sales even so their business.

If you want to know more about benefits that Magento Product Video can brings, here is the list of most outstanding features:

  • Add or upload multi-videos and images. Shop owners can add multi-videos and images to describe for your products. In addition to clarify product features, it brings a great effect to increase your sales. This extension brings multiple videos and images of product that make customers understand clearly. If you read product details page a thousand times and do not know what did it means, a video will be the best solution, just need one click to “Play” button and you will feel what we want to transmission.
  • Allow upload different video source. Customers can upload video from direct links like YouTube or Twitch… and from the computer (mp4, mkv). The most important benefits of using this product is prosperous and expanding reach of customers with supporting different source of videos like YouTube or Twitch… and local video files (mp4, mkv). So do not worry about what kind of your video.
  • YouTube API usage. All videos that uploaded in your sites are available on YouTube as well. It is a great function that brings more sales volume because YouTube is the biggest and fastest growing social networks.
  • Multi-display types.We got 7 types to display videos and images, therefore you can select any types that is appropriate for your website.
  • Upload video from front-end. It allows customers to upload video or image to front-end and approve content before displaying
  • The best and easiest way to know what your customers think is a survey. We got 5 stars rating to help your customers can show their feeling with your products.
  • Manage all videos in back-end. All videos will be managed in “All videos” menu or it is also managed separately in a specific product. Beside it, Admin can remove video in back-end, they can also insert their product descriptions for each videos which will absolutely make their product better.
  • Options for thumbnail slide display. Videos and images will be displayed in thumbnail slide. Customers can see some other product images or videos so it will stimulate curiosity then increase your sales
  • Customized thumbnail dimensions and images. You can customize your thumbnail dimension and image in admin panel with just some input for file size, width or height for thumbnail.
  • Cross-browsers compatibility. Of course at this technology age, this extension is compatibility with cross-browser such as: Safari, Chrome, Firefox…
  • Customize “play video” icon display. It means you can choose between shows on or not “play” icon on your product videos.
  • Allowing configure video file size. You can configure file video size upload and thumbnail in back-end with some easy manipulations
  • Playing video with pop-up window or media block. You can choose videos will be played with pop-up window or media block in your website.
  • Admin can easily enable/disable the extension.
  • Zoom plugin. Our extension got 4 style: 1, 2, 4, 6 for you to choose how much do you want to zoom your image
  • Approve video upload in the pending video. Shop owners can approve or decline videos that uploaded from front end in "Pending Videos"menu.
  • Admin can add new video in back-end or choose one or more type of customers as the guest, wholesale or VIP member to upload video directly on front-end. It will save so much time and keeps your sites always updating. All videos that uploaded will be faultfinding by admin before displaying.

What we mentioned bove are main features of Magento Product Video. Besides, our product got some other features such as Support multiple stores, autoplay video setting, friendly and flexible configuration, unlimited product videos, easy to install without technology knowledge….