Printshop is one of our best seller products, it provides a full solution package, along with numerous advanced features and extensions, Magento Printshop will surely help you run your business smoothly and effectively

Let's take a look at some highlight feature of this solution:

  • Online design: How amazing it is to think that our customer is capable of designing products right on our website, showing us the vision about the product they desire. We’ve received a lot of good feedback about this feature.
  • Order upload: If your customers want to attach images with many types to print into each product, just install PrintMart Order Upload, with only 1 click, everything will be resolved.
  • Pricing Option: Premium Product Pricing Options Suite Extension for Magento 2 is a useful tool that allows online shop owners to set and display different prices for each product in each store view of the corresponding store as wish.
  • Multi-Vendor: This plugin enables you to build a multi-seller or multi-vendor e-commerce solution. Invite your friends and partners to come to your site and earn money together.
  • Customer Relationship Management System Feature (CRM): You can manage all data with system, easy find history as well as store customers activation. Automatically in the sales process and take care of customers that improve business strategy effectively.
  • Inventory Management: If you sell a lot of items but you do not know to manage it, your business will be messy. Manage products, equipment, and many items as you want in Printshop.

Here are some simple and quick step for you to configure the upload file feature on Cmsmart Magento 2 Printshop solution

From the Admin panel, go to Catalog > Product > [Edit Product]

In Edit product form, Select On /Off to determine whether to use the upload feature at Has Upload File field.

Notes: After saving data on the admin panel, you run 2 commands:

php bin/magento indexer:reindex
php bin/magento cache:flush

We hope this article brought some useful information to you. If you want more details about this product please access Magento PrintMart Solution Demo to try the DEMO. Leave us a comment below if you have any questions for us. Or contact the information below if you want further assistance. Thanks for reading!

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