WooCommerce Booking Hours & Calendar is developed to help WordPress website to sell and receive a booking for time slot services like classroom, spa & massage services, course training, consultancy services by hours, rental by hours… Lightning-fast install & configure allows you to start using WooCommerce Booking Hours & Calendar plugin almost instantly. In order for customers to make a schedule on your website, you need to create services/events in the back-end. Please follow the article below to know how to create a service with WooCommerce Booking Hours & Calendar!

WooCommerce Booking Hours & Calendar

There are 5 steps to create a service with WooCommerce Booking Hours & Calendar:

Step 1: Create a new category

Create a product category(product_cat) for the plugin

Step 2: Enter slug name

Go to Orders Booking menu, navigate to “Where the product has this category, enter the name of the newly created category slug

Step 3: Create a new product

Create a new product with a product type of variable, create a new attribute named "Hours", and enter prices on the Variation tab

Step 4: Google Calendar tab, enter the ID on Google Calendar and set Timezone

Step 5: Save to finish

Watch the video below for a quick overview of how to create a service :

Some highlight feature of WooCommerce Booking Hours & Calendar:

  • Allow scheduling for relatives and friends: If your customers want to attend the event with relatives and friends, they do not need to worry. WooCommerce Booking Hours & Calendar allows customers to book other people events easily and conveniently.
  • Integrating WooCommerce: The WooCommerce plugin allows forms created with the WooCommerce Booking Hours & Calendar plugin to integrate with WooCommerce products so you can calculate product prices through forms.
  • Secure online payment: If you want to collect payment online! Don't worry WooCommerce Booking Hours & Calendar comes with different types of integrated payment options, helping you ensure your appointments are paid in advance or receive a deposit.
  • Date display available: When selecting a product/service, a booking form will be displayed. This will display the available dates you can select. The dates already booked will be colored and you cannot schedule them.
  • Sync with Google calendar: Activities, services that customers have just set will be added to their google calendar. Synchronizing with the google calendar allows them to track daily activities and organize time better.
  • Set a duration for each service: Create multiple time frames for a service for customers to choose freely. The price of the service will depend on the length of time the customer has chosen

WooCommerce Booking Hours & Calendar allows your customers to schedule your services online, saving your time and money. Just try Booking Hours & Calendar Demo, you will be convinced immediately.

If there is any problem during the installation, please contact us, we will help you.

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