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Magento 2 printing solution is the best eCommerce solution for all printing business. When you design a website, you need to pay attention to many things, from the layout, content, to other details such as how to create the grid, how to create the header and footer. This article will be dedicated to you who are wondering how to create the header for the website most easily.

Header is one of the very important factors to make a website. So, what is a header? Ways to add the header to your printshop website? I will answer it all for you. In the web layout, the header is the top of the web page. It is the site introduction area, where people see first before digging deeper. Headers are considered an "invitation" with the task of providing core information about the product so that users can capture information in seconds, which is an important factor in navigating the site layout. CMsmart created a printing website allows easily customizing the header's element as you like. 

Magento 2 printshop

Some benefits of Magento Printmart I want to recommend:

  • Storefront: With powerful web storefront your sales volume will increase up to 50% many strong features.
  • Product Configuration: You can easily configure products as you wish to enhance customer experience...
  • Sales & marketing features: It includes Standard and Advanced features. Reducing Sales and Marketing costs up to 30%.
  • Front-end Key features: Each website among the specification industry has its owns unique extensions and Magento PrintMart is not exceptional.
  • Back-end features: If you have a powerful admin panel with a lot of strong extensions, you can manage data and information in the smartest way.

Please follow the video guide below:

How to customize the elements of header in Magento Printmart theme with online design from Cmsmart Netbase on Vimeo.

Above I have introduced to you the article about custom header in Magento 2 printing solution. Hopefully, with our simple video tutorial, you can freely customize your website header as you wish, creating a headline that will impress your customers. Thanks for reading this article. Contact us if you have any questions, we're happy about that.

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