Premium Online Product Designer Extension for Magento 1 & 2

Empty 'Manage Design' Page

Hello, I'm currently trying to test this out by using the free/limited version. I realize that it comes with no support, so I just want to let you know I tried for hours and hours now researching and trying different steps first to no avail. before posting here...and i'm hoping I'm just simply missing something... Steps: 1. I did a straight install of Magento 2.3.5.p1 with sample data. Altered nothing 2. Followed the instructions Userguide_Magento2_Online_Design.pdf including: -php...
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I want to install the demo on my magento 1.9 version. Where can i find the files?
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Hi Team,   I want to set design templates as T-SHirts for all products. How can i do this?   Thanks, Ziya
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When next version will come?

I am using your extension with my magento 2 store. Currently my users needs to select product attributes twice, that is wrong. If users already selected color & size on product detail page then why they needs to select again same thing on designing tool.
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Sandbox demo

Hello Jason, Thanks for replying to my queries. Can you please provide a sandbox demo environment with access to the other sections in admin (Live Demo is restrictive)? I want to add products & manage their corresponding designs to get a detailed idea of the features supported.
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EPS, PSD file supported for upload in Designer

Does the designer tool support eps, psd file format? Is there a plan to support it in the future?
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How can we add new products and create & manage their corresponding designs in the admin?
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Is the module easly translatable ?
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multiple design

Hello, I can see on your demo site you cannot add in the cart more than one design for the same item, is this a bug?
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in the demo the Product Designer look different between magento 1 and magento 2
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Upgrade from magento 1.9 to 2.3.x

Hi there, If I purchase this extension for Magento 1.9 but we will upgrade our website to Magento 2.3.x maybe early next year. Do we need to pay additional charge to get a same extension for Magento 2.3.x?Thanks Tim
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Customize the code/js and css

HI, We are planning to buy this extension, Just want to ask that after purchasing the extension is source code available to customize? so that we can change CSS or some functionality?
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re-activating the License Key

Greeting,  during the Magento 2 Theme installation, something went wrong and I could not retrieve the site & I did not back up since it's new and has no data, so I have deleted the public_html contents and re-installed Magento 2 again and I got a successful message. then I have installed CMSMART Online designer and tried to re-activate it by my license key but unfortunately, I got incorrect license key message !!   I want your urgent help please ....  
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  With the powerful, detailed, and full of features, Magento is currently a great solution for e-commerce websites. To be more precise, the Magento platform was born to be dedicated to e-commerce. Going deeper into the printing field, in the past, if customers want to print a product, they must go to a design and printing workshop to print it manually. That is completely outdated now. Keeping up with the trend of the 4.0 era, Cmsmart has researched and released a super product called...
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Migrating to other domain

Hi, I am developing the magento e-shop in a development domain. Can I buy a license for one domain, use in the development domain installation and later migrate with the whole magento application? Thanks, Salva
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