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possible to create a template using a svg file with mapping ( like your demo video when the log is added and the areas of the logo colours are chosen by the user) . Like this could I as admin add a svg file to the template and then the user choose the colours for the parts of the svg that they want?
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Hi thereI have configured the NBDesigner component on my WooCommerce/WPress instance and enabled it for one of my products within Shop menu. I am able to see the 'Start Design' button on the product, but when clicked it doesn't open the designer studio for me to edit the product (change text, visual, etc.) Any idea what I am missing? Pl helpJignesh
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choos product

Hello can we choos the product from the Studiowe want to do the same think in this exemplehttps://www.spreadshirt.fr/personnaliser-soi-memewe want to shoos the category and then the productis it possible?
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Questions before purchasing

Hey, great plugin really! Very interested!I've got some questions here before buying:1. Is it possible to fix the size of a text box in the design? And can we disallow user to move or rotate the design boxes?For some of our products, we don't want the user to customize the templates too much. I see quite a few features can be turned on and off. But just not sure about these.2. Can we pre-fill the template with user data? For example, when user start design a business card, we pre-fill the...
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Hi Team,First of all, your team built a great plugin. Congrats!!!Now, I have one requirement to build Funeral Order of services where user select no of pages and based on that they can design each page. For some pages, they can select predefined poems/hymns as shown in below link.http://prntscr.com/f3o4reIs this possible by user to select predefined text and whatever selected that should be shown in template? If yes, then can you show demo somewhere working please?Let me know if any...
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overlay image

Hello , i really like your product and i am using it with your WordPress theme , but i got a question; is there a way that overlay image not being included with the final design as i am trying to use the overlay image for guidelines only.thank you
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License valid for sub-domains?

Hello, we are looking at purchasing this plugin for a customer. Would the license be valid for multiple sub-domains? The customer has several different languages of the same site such as mx.example.com, es.example.com, etc. But they do not want to have to purchase multiple licenses.Please let us know, thanks!
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Pre-sales question

Hi!I have a client that wishes to offer (customers) to buy an online card design, which will only be sold as downloadable PDF. It's pretty straightforward: choice of two formats (four sided, folded to A5 and two sided A6), with the possibility to chose from an online picture gallery, upload their own pictures and add text. If some pre-defined templates (like card frame design) could be incorporated, even better. In short, it would look like an online version of MS Publisher, but with less...
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Error for New Fonts file uploading

I have a pre-purchase Premium version question, I cannot upload new fonts in my website (free version). It show "Error while upload font, please try again!" every times when i upload new fonts file (.ttf) but I success to upload fonts file in your demo website.
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Pre-purchase Question

Hello, I have a pre-purchase question... Is possible to make color selection rules... Example if I choose the background color Black, the text layers should be white color, and if I choose the background white, then the text color can be orange and blue?Also, is possible to only allow the user to choose from a color list? not the color selector. Thanks,
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Pre-sales Question

Hi,1- this online product designer plugin compatible with any WordPress woocommerce themes. ?can i use this plugin with other wordpress templates. ?awaiting your response,Thank youShafiq
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Pre-purchase information

Good afternoon, I want to ask you before you buy.It is possible to create a pack of polaroid photos (eg 24 photos) and that all the photos when uploading the client are automatically placed in their corresponding polaroid templates?Another example. If a photo album is created, when uploading the photos are automatically placed in all the frames of the album template?I need to create templates for any product that has more than one photo and that are automatically uploaded to their frames in the...
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licence key

hii recently bought the pro version of nb designer after trying the free version.i cant seem to change the licence key from the free version to my new key for the pro version.any help?
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questions before buying

Hi,I have a couple of questions before buying:-is it possible to limit the colors the clients can use for the personalisation? Since we offer mainly embroidery and vinyl decays, the colors should be limited to about 40 different colors and not all the tones inbetween (since not all of these are available in yarn or vinyl).-Can we add other 'blanks' for the customer to design on? For example a towel, backpack and our model of toiletry bag would be nescessary.- Can you limit the size of the...
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Hello,I Plan to set up the online Tshirt design business. I came across the TEEPRO website template and the CMsmart Designer tool. I have a question, how it works with DTG printing. I think for the printer to the website integaration is made by RIP software, not sure. Is it possible todo with my selection. Or provide your suggestion which is the best way. Kindly share your thoughts asp.Regards,Vel
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2019, Oct 07

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