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1.2. License With ThemeForest regular license you are licensed to use this theme to create one single End Product (the final website customized with your content) for yourself or for one client. In short: What is allowed with single regular license? 1. You can create one website for yourself or for your client and you can transfer that single website to your client for any fee. This license is then transferred to your client. 2. To sell the...


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Question 1: How to install this theme? There are two options to install this WordPress theme such as: Option 1: Quickstart installation  Option 2: FPT Upload To know more information, please read carefully in 3. Installation  Question 2: Do I receive the Product like your demo? Answer: Yes, but after that you should change your logo, upload your own products. Our demo templates are for demo. Question 3: Can I download the update of new version? Answer: Yes, within 6 months of...

Rate this theme TEEPRO – Woocommerce Custom T-Shirt Designer WordPress Theme is one of the top Wordpress T-shirt theme on Themeforest at this time. If you have a T-shirt printing store, do not miss a chance to intall it on your site to enhance your revenue. Let’s remember to rate this theme on Themeforest – we are expected to know what you think our product. More Information  To access with our update or upcoming theme, we can contact...

1. One of my extensions doesn't work with this theme This theme is not compatible with all third-party extensions. During using the template, there will appear conflicts when there are some extensions not working with this theme. It is because the extension and the theme override the same Magento template file, resulting in the problem. To resolve this case, you need to customize the theme and merge two conflicting template files into one template file. It...

Configuration Theme configuration changes do not appear on the frontend Flush Magento cache in System > Cache Management, clear web browser cache/cookies for your store domain and refresh the page in your web browser.

2. General issues after installation 2.1. Some features don't work or give errors There are some possible problems as following: Magento cache (or external cache) was not flushed after we installed the theme. Some of the theme files were not uploaded or even broken. To resolve this issue, you just need to re-upload original theme files to your server (overwrite existing files) and flush the cache. Note: that files can be broken if you send them in large numbers...

1. Setup Multi-Language To setup multi-languages, you can go to Admin -> Stores -> All Stores -> Create Store View Example with French: Name: French Code: fr Status: Enable Notes: Remembering Save Config after each change. And Flush cache after each configuration. 2. Setup Currency To setup currency, you can go to Store -> Configuration -> General -> Currency. Set Allowed Currencies are the currency you want on your store. Go to Store -> Currency Rates, press Import. Wait for the system to import currency exchange rate. If currency rate can’t auto create, you can input...

This functioned theme is added some valuable extensions of Netbase market, ensuring your store gives your customer the best services. They are named: Ajax cartPlease read in “Userguide_ Mag2_ Ajax Cart” Ajax searchPlease read in “Userguide_ Mag2_ Ajax Search” BlogPlease read in “Userguide_ Mag2_ Blog” Mega MenuPlease read in “Userguide_ Mag2_MegaMenu” Navigation FilterPlease read in “Userguide_ Mag2_ Layered Navigation” One Step CheckoutPlease read in “Userguide_ Mag2_ One Step Checkout” Online DesignPlease read in “Userguide_Mag2_Online Design” Order UploadPlease read in “Userguide_ Mag2_ OrderUpload” Price...

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From Admin panel, go to Catalog → Product. Edit product you want set is new product. In the basic settings panel, Click Advanced Pricing link Advanced Pricing panel: Enter the number of the Special Price. Assign the active time including Special Price From Date and Special Price To Date. You can type manually or click on Calendar icon to choose the relevant date. Click Done button to close panel. Click Save button to save product.  

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In backend, go to STORES → [Attributes] Product . Click Add New Attribute button. Complete the Basic Properties The Basic Properties is required for a product attribute. Insert the Default Label to describe the attribute. In the Catalog Input Type for Store Owner  choose Yes/No of the input from a list. Choose Yes for the Value Required to ask customers to select the options before purchasing.      Complete the Advanced Properties (Optional) Insert the Attribute Code that is less than 30 characters and excluded spaces. The Scope includes Store View, Website, and Global.You...


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