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Product introduction and some system requirement. NEXT

1. About product

One page checkout for Virtuemart



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One page checkout for Virtuemart is one of the best-selling items on Cmsmart marketplace since it was published in 2013. More than +1250 items was sold up to now and we think customers were satisfied with it. The continuous improvement of product is our ongoing effort to enhance the quality and to adapt customers demand.

One page checkout for Virtuemart 5.0.0 is our new product updated on Aug 2015 that helping users to shorten payment steps and manage website interface easily. It runs on Joomla 3.4.x và Virtuemart and we used latest technology as API to process data; Jquery (v1.11.2); Jquery UI; CSS3, HTML 5 and Ajax.

One of the new features of one page checkout for Virtuemart 5.0.0 is changing color, font and icon positions. Furthermore, it uses advance technology of Ajax that helps customers to quickly manipulate without reloading their website. Besides that, it helps limit draft order created and allows customers with limited orders each day.

Following features will surprise you:

-    You can customize CSS, Jquery,Jquery, Ajax icon in fontend

-    Visual Editor: Enable customers arrange blocks in order and customize its color and fonts.

-    Arranging Billing info and shipment address in order of displaying.

-    Embed blocks which contain HTML and banner into OPC interface (in the visual editor)

-    Anti-spam: Customers will not be allowed to purchase products when they had 8 pending orders in one day. Using IP to identify customers. (This function can turn on or off in admin)

-    Intergrating multiple languages in OPC such as Spanish, English, French, Russian, German, Dutch, ect.

-    Improving register function when you checkout, it is great step on One page checkout 5.0.

-    Responsive

-    Compatible with products supporting the coupon code.

-    Compatible with Virtuemart payments; shipment and the third parties.


2. System requirements

Sources Available:.HTML; .PSD;.PHP;.XML;.CSS;.JS

Software Required:

Adobe Photoshop CS+; Adobe Dreamweaver 8+ (or any php-editor);

For uncompressing a template ZIP package:

WinZip 9+ (Windows); Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac)


Supported Operating Systems:

Linux x86, x86-64

Supported Web Servers:

Apache 2.0.x

Xampp 1.8.x

Supported Browsers:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and above

Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and above

Apple Safari 5 and above on Mac only


Google Chrome 7 and above

Adobe Flash browser plug-in should be installed

Adobe Flash browser plug-in should be installed:


Required extensions:









SOAP (if Webservices API is to be used)

Safe_mode off

Memory_limit no less than 256Mb (preferably 512)


EE or later: MySQL 5.0.2 or newer

EE or earlier: MySQL 4.1.20 or newer

CE (all versions): MySQL 4.1.20 or newer


If HTTPS is used to work in the admin, SSL certificate should be valid. Self- signed SSL certificates are not supported

Server - hosting - setup:

Ability to run scheduled jobs (crontab) with PHP 5

Ability to override options in .htaccess files

Ability to override options in .htaccess files

How to install extension one page checkout for Virtuemart? NEXT

Step 1: Download package

Step 2: Go to Administrator → Extensions → Extension Manager

Step 3: Click the Browse button and select file package. Click Upload & Install

Step 4: Finish

Watch the video below for a quick overview of how to install.

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How to setting One page checkout for Virtuemart? NEXT

Step 1: Please go to Administrator → Component → VM manager → One page checkout

Step 2: Setting Visual layouts and setting general

How to setting Backend and Frontend in One page checkout for Virtuemart? 

Step 2: Click tab settings

  • Load CSS : Activate to load CSS of One Page Checkout frontend (Advised to activate)
  • Load Jquery : Enable to load Jquery (v1.11.2) for frontend (Do not triggered if your site already has jQuery)
  • Load Jquery UI : Loading Jquery UI (v1.9.2) for frontend(Not activate if your site already has jQuery UI)
  • Load ajax : Activate to display the loading icon when running Ajax
  • Block spam : Activate to limit each IP maximum permitted only put 8 pending order

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