One page checkout for Virtuemart

Suuport VirtueMart 3.6.10 10211

Hello. Does your (One page checkout for Virtuemart) component support VirtueMart 3.6.10 10211?
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Hi. Please for information how to translate OPC to Serbian language? Thank you in advance. Best regards.
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Support for version 3.6.10 of VM

Hebben jullie al een versie die werkt met VM 3.6.10.?
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Support for version 3.6.6 of VM

Just purchased this product via VM Extensions, doesn't install - should this be working with v3.6.6 of VirtueMart?
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The OPC doesn't work with sh404sef

The OPC doesn't work with sh404sef and although I pointed that out and asked for help the support team did literally nothing and chose to avoid me and let my subscription end.
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Virtuemart 3.6 compatibility

Hello, can anyone confirm that version 5.4.9 (updated on 02/2019) works with virtuemart 3.6.2? My two clients have the version 5.4.7 installed on their websites and it stopped working properly after Virtuemart upgrade to 3.6.2. I would like to know if I can recommend them to buy a version 5.4.9. More specifically, what doesn't work are user fields in BT and ST details. I mean, no single field is shown in the registration form and the form is empty. For coders: $fields['formcode'] is an...
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remove validation checkout

Hello it possible with your systeme to remove a check i use checkout without account and for now i have this 1 user add product 2 go to cart set CGV, add users informations and validate the cart 3 user need to re-validate the cart my goal is to remove step 3 can i do it with your component ?
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How can i add buttons + - to change quantity of products in checkout in file default_orderinfo?
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will one page checkout support eway payment gateway?

Hiya, my current website uses virtuemart with eway payment gateway. will that still be supported by OPC? cheers
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Hi, I just bought your plugin along with a UPS plugin from Alatek. The UPS plugin works with the standard checkout, but when the One Page Checkout is enabled, I can see but can't select any of the UPS options; only the default shipping options work. I think it has something to do with the AJAX refresh, which seems to wipe away the UPS selection.I also seem be getting credit card errors with a payment plugin that I added, and these don't happen in the normal checkout layout.
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Hi, Is it possible to configure payment methods based on shipping method?Example: Shipping method is displayed (available) only when payment method is selectedThanks
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Hello,Before I buy this product I would like to know if it supports the following:Hide fields username and name (Displayed Name)?Correspondingly, it can copy into the hidden fields: username=email and name=first_name+last_name?Thank you and best regards.
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one pagecheckout modify or delete fields in cart

hello,your product one page check out for Virtumart seems to be the product I search but I've a simple question :may I delete some field in cart (for example, i'd like to delete discount fields)best regardsJoel FERRY
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Does OPC update

HelloDoes the latest version of one page checkout trigger the joomla system messages/warnings/notices with every AJAX Call? If not, is it possible to be done without extra charge, in case I renew my subscription? Have a nice dayKyriakos
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Is it possible to disable payment method to selected delivery? For example - Cash on Delivery will be available only to 1 shipment method, or there will be diffrent price for second delivery method.
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2020, Feb 26

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