Amazon Theme Integrated Multiple Vendor Package For Magento 1&2

Vendor Signup

When I click on the join for free option i'm redirected to the customer sign up form, which is awesome. But when I click on Sell on Multistore, nothing happens. My question is, how can a vendor register on the site so that he/she can start adding products and selling on the websites?
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Matrix option on this package

HI:I'm already your customer and I would like to buy this package from you , I need a multi vendor website which this one looks great and has most of the things that I'm looking for. I need to know can I have Matrix options for color and sizes on my items like clothes and shoes. Also I would like to see back end .Please adviseThanks
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Amazon Affiliate Theme

HI,I am about to join Amazon Affiliate programme. I am wondering if this theme is good for my purpose. I don't need all the vendors part, I will download products and categories from Amazon and the checkout will be carry out directly on Amazon web site.Thank youAndrea
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Purchase a template

hello please i want a template who have: * The following suggestions may be present but not found * The following suggestions may be free or payable depending on whether or not the purchase formula- A Comparator tools- A Customizable Ready to use template with ours colors and else- A translate back and front office- All Amazon’s categories and subcategories - An horizontal menu- A downloadable mobile application from Google Play Store/App store
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Hello, please, Need email address for more informations
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Back office

HelloYour template is very awesomeI have been visiting it for 2 days nowBut i just want to know if it's possible to access any demo back office to decide mysefl
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About - show multi pictures .....

Dear sir, I'm using your extension and template for my Magento 1.9 multi vendors system, but i can see there is only one picture for each product in the frontend, same in the sample data, so there is no way to show multi pictures ?JewelleryImpex
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Please I have a pre-sale question concerning magento-amazon theme. Is it available in Magento 2x? Thanks in advance for your reply.
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Amazon Theme for Opencart

Do you have Amazon Theme for opencart?
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Buy Now Button

how can i add buy now Button for this theme?Please help am about to launch my website in 5 days.ThanksManoj Vyas
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Updating Magento Amazon Theme

Hello,1) Can you please tell me how to check which version of this theme I installed on my website? I noticed that you have updated (fixed bugs) some things in May...2) Is theme update free of charge?3) What will happen if I try to update theme? Will this break my current settings / modifications?Thanks!
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Sub domains and Arabic alignment + sample data

Hello Gents,1- I have a new web site but i still not yet opened...and im testing the Magento but some time I do re install... am i going to lose my license if i have done this action?2- my web site will be for 50% for Arabic and 50% for English customers and i need to use right to left... can get this one?3- im using sub domain as development "sand box" area for me...can i use same license? or it will be calculated as new domain?4- im confused regarding sample data.... actually if i got the...
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Installation Guide is not up to date

Hey,can i have a up to date installation Guide?Best Regards
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Magento 2.0

Hi, love your theme, looks awesome!Do you have any estimated date for issuing support for Magento 2.0 ?Thanks!
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discussion with nice girl

Hi, support girl, i like your profile picture.. it's nice )) but anyway, is anybody here who has used this template successfully? :))
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