Magento Frequently Bought Together Extension

Order page in Admin

Hello. Could you please show me a screenshot of the order page in Magento Admin, so, Sales -> Orders -> Order with "frequently bought together" products. I would like to see the "Items Ordered" row on the order page. Can you please show it? thank you
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Hello,We were searching for a frequently bought together module and we have leaned above yours in the end.We just have a couple of questions regarding some functionality aspects:1. Will this product work for simple products, not visible individually, which are used in creating grouped products? We would like to know that, since most of the shop consists of grouped products.To make it as clear as I can, I'll give you a random example:We are selling shirts and hats. We have a grouped product...
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Presale questions

Hello!Backend demo doen't work Here is the video https://youtu.be/fXpBkJcZ-ukIs extension still supported? Updates were more than year ago.Will it work with grouped product with select box for choosing exact SKU?Does extencsion create Cart Price Rule for every product with promotion product?
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Admin panel

HiDo you have a demo of the admin panel for this extension?Thank you
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Good day. Could you please inform some doubts about the extension before our purchase ? Does it work with Magento version ? It is possible to fully translate back end and front end ? Is it possible to add the promotions on home page ?Is it possible to add a button for each product to be added to cart individually ?We'll be looking forward to your feedback.Best regards,Igor Souza
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