Magento Mega Menu Extension

Custom theme

Hi, I'm using a custom theme — how do I get the menu to appear on the site? Is there a code snippet I can use? Thanks!
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Included in them

I wanted to ask, a theme I purchased included Megamenu from Cmsart. It seems to be a partial extension. Does the full extension require purchase? If so, how is it to replace the Megamenu included with purchased theme?Thank you
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Questions about this extension

We would like to buy the Magento Megamenu extension, what is the fix price to buyout and use this extension for ever to our site? Is it up and working right now for magento or it will crash our site?
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Use with multilanguage stores

Hello, I have a multilaguage Magento. One store view in english and one in french. How can I specify a static bloc for the french view and a different one for the english view? The attributes on "Manage Category" -> "Menu Top" looks "Global" instead of "Store view" scope. If I change the store view at left when I manage attribute, I can not specify a different static bloc.Thanks,
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Theme purchase

Hi,I am interested in purchasing not only the extension but also the theme of it. Could support team send me the purchase link of the template? Thank you so much
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Hi, I have a couple of questions. 1. Is this extension mobile responsive? 2. Do you guys offer a one day trail first. I need to be sure it works seamlessly with my existing site and other extensions before I purchase.
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Product rating: 5 star rating
2018, Oct 05

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晓华 田 Theme purchase
3 replies, last by Janet
Giorgos Terzakis Questions about this extension
2 replies, last by vincent
Evans Use with multilanguage stores
1 reply, last by Janet
Fred Kandah Included in them
1 reply, last by vincent
Ajit Custom theme
1 reply, last by vincent

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