Magento Mobile Theme

request for demo /trial

hi i have 3-4 shopping site and interested to go with mobile themes is that possible to provide demo code so we can try on staging as we have few customization in site Thanks
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Mobile Theme for Magento

Hi,We have a custom Magento site which was built for desktop only. We are interested in your Magento Mobile Theme. However, we are not sure it will work because there has been a lot customization has been done. Can you advise? Thanks.
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Dear Madam, dear Sir,I plan on purchasing your Magento mobile theme but is version 2 still compatible with Magento 1.5.1?Many thanks and best regards!
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Pre Order Question

Hi I interested to this template, before I make a purchase, I have a question, I have a magento website that build with my custom template, the problem is the template doesn't look good in mobile device,, I wanna ask. can I use this template for mobile device only.? and use my custom template for PC.? like use 2 template in one website.? one for pc and one for mobile.??Thanks.
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Bottom cut off

Hello on the item off so you can not select an option and the "add to cart" button is not there as well as the footer.I can send you screen shot.
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