Magento Price Matrix Extension

Magento 2 version

Hi,Is there a magento 2 version of this extension? I think this extension might just be what i'm looking for, but my shop is running in Magento 2.Thanks,Marieke
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Hi, I now have the matrix in3 Magento version installed.Magento each installation error.Installation with hand has once worked.But in front no representation.Your support is very bad.I paid for not $ 70 but did not pay for it.Why sell software that is not ok ???????I hope it still works with the support?
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Will it work with Magento Advanced Product Options?

Will it work with Mageworx's Magento Advanced Product Options extension? https://www.mageworx.com/advanced-product-options-magento-extension.html
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Hi, I'm very interested in your extension.Sorry for my poor english, I'll try to explain as best I can.The price of my products is dependent on three (better four) attributes:Color (white or transparent)SizeQuantityThese attributes combined between themselves with a very particular rules give me the final price like in the matrix you can see in this picture https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0cv3wx-c6pMVk9yS2FCNmFJRWM/view?usp=sharingI don't need the matrix is displayed in the frontend but I...
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Dependend Custom Option

Hi there,Let's say I want some drop down options before the price matrix when I am selecting one of the options from the dropdown can price matrix automatically update the prices in the matrix based on the option selected before?
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Absolute Pricing?

Hi This extensions looks great - however I need to know if it is capable of handling "Absolute" pricing?e.g. - Setup costs for printing a product - this could be a once only charge and not effected by the order qtythis could be the Screen Creation charge the screen printing a t-shirt, or the digitisation charge when doing embroidery.I look forward to your reply.Thanks
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Need the price search as a Slider

Hi,Is it possible to have the price matrix extension( https://cmsmart.net/magento-extensions/magento-price-matrix-extension?tab=discussion ) as a SLIDER ?I need a slider from left to right, hope you understand ...Riad.
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Price Matrix

Hi,I would like to know if i use product options and the price is changing with this optins, will this extension use the latest updated price or it is using only the base price?It is not clear on the demos and we have no access to backend to test, if we could it will be nice for us to see what this extention can do.Thanks,George
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Price Matrix for Wordpress

HiIts a pre-sale question, could you please let me know if you have same or similar plugin for wordpress,as you have this Extension for Magento?Magento Price Matrix ExtensionPlease get back to me asap, as i really need this plugin for urgent basis.ThanksKind RegardsAli
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2018, May 03

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