Magento Shipping Cost Calculator Extension

Hello, If we are using the Amasty Shipping Table Rates. If we install your extension dos it work with Amasty Shipping Table Rates?https://amasty.com/shipping-table-rates-for-magento-2.html      h
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Magento 1.9 Shipping calculator

Reply me as soon as possible urgently
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Magento 1.9 Shipping calculator

I want to buy this extension but I want to know that It's button can be place in footer of web rather than in product page?
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License cost

Hi, When I was checking your extension cost it shows me auto renewal. Does it mean we have to pay every year the cost of the license?Regards,Pranjal
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Hi,I was checking your demo and it gives message the extension is not responsive. Is that true?Can you tell me more about the responsiveness of this extension?Regards,Pranjal
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an example of calculation!

Hi,I have a online supermarket at www.omega3.supermarket.no and I've started to send product to China mostly now.- The shipping company has a start of 1 kg for the shipment.- The packages weight starts from 600 g and over.- My products weight starts from 50 g up to 500 g.I want to know if your extension can handle it. This is an example:6 products of 50 g + 600 g = ?Beside, I want the extension make a precalculate the shipping price!If you have any question please, let me know.RegardsEmil...
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I am looking for a tool smart enough to take product weight/size information, pull USPS/UPS rates, and charge the user the lesser of the two.info@blingyourband.com
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Modifications of this extension

Hello!We are interested in your extension, but we would require some modifications. We would like to display "shipping for this product to your country is : XXXX" without popup, since we only have one delivery method + would use IP" for locator.. Would this modification be possible by your team and how much would it cost us to have itn.Best regards,
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2018, May 04

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