Magento Order Upload Extension

You are managing an eCommerce web and want to allow your customers to upload a specific file for custom-related orders. Think about how annoying it will be to receive all of those files via email: it will easily create chaos and you can lose all customer attachments - people who will be unhappy when you get a T-shirt printed with someone else's picture.
Luckily, the Magento Order Upload Extension solves this problem and lets you upload any files, it neatly organizes your orders and related...
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You are in the printing business and have a lot of customers by introducing available products on your site where customer choose satisfied items. However, you are missing a huge of customers who want to print personal products which show their character as well as aspirations for a beloved person. There is a product supporting this task is Magento Order Upload extension – one of the function is indispensable for your printing shop online, it is available on Cmsmart marketplace. The...
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2018, May 03

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