Magento 1 & 2 Responsive Admin Template

Purchase Enquiry

1) Is this theme compatible with Magento2.3.1? 2) Can I use this theme life time if i purchase with one time standard payment?
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RTL suppot ??

does this template support RTL languages like Arabic so that i can have arabic admin ?? if not why you advertise that it's supported in theme info ??
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Magento version compatibility

Hi, quick question, is this module compatible with Magento Best Regards, Luca.
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Where is RTL support?

Hello It's specified in details section that this theme supports RTL but I couldn't find out how it is possible to enable RTL through its configurations. Would you help please?
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Ticket Replies

Hello,Can you check my ticket to some problems I have whit the theme (Created: 06/27/2018 9:53AM)?
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Hello, We're interested in purchasing this template but I do have two questions for you:1. Is this template compatible with Magento version 2. We want this template to be shown only when on a mobile device / tablet to make use of the responsiveness, but on desktop we would still like to use the standard look of magento. Is this possible?Thank you!
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Admin Panel Template

Hi,We purchased the Admin Panel template but when I install it on Magento 2.2.2 (and I believed its compatible) ... https://www.screencast.com/t/pzr80neK the login field is showing on top corner left of my screen and when I login the page is totally mess up, please help me to solve this issue. Thanks in advance.Neo,
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Problem wit CSS

Can you please check support ticket ID: #5a27e27e85e99de379a47b8d ?We need your help to solve this https://www.screencast.com/t/zybwvnW9SpVZ issue.Thanks!
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License for development and staging servers

Hi,Will I be able to use the theme both on my local, staging and production servers with the single domain license ?Can you confirm this before I buy the module?Thanks,Nicolas
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Mobile view

Hi,We are interested in buying this theme.We have a question though.When viewing the theme for Magento 1 on a mobile device (any smartphone we tested), we noticed there is a blank space to the right of the screen. You can in fact see the horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the screen. I could provide screenshots but there's no option here.Magento 2 theme on mobile device doesn't have this blank space.Could this be avoided?Thanks,Elisabeth.
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Hi,We are very interested in getting this magento admin themehttps://cmsmart.net/magento-themes/magento-responsive-admin-templateJust wanted to check with you guys first whether this supports magento version?
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Magento 2.1.9

Looking at buying to get over an existing problem with my default admin theme not rendering 100% correctly since upgrading to 2.1.9. If I purchased would you ensure it functioned 100%. Hopefully not just plastering over a Magento 2 issue.
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When I try to log into the Magento 2 demo, I get the following message:You did not sign in correctly or your account is temporarily disabled.
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Live Demo is not working

Hi,Would you have look again, not all of the functions is working or showing properly. Regards,Kelvin
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magento 2 rtl suport

hi , where can change to rtl for magento 2 ? also its support rtl and ltr in same time (if change language to arabic will be rtl ?) ?
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