Magento 1 & 2 Responsive Admin Template


1.Can this be compatible with apptha multi-vendor script2.Why is the price of 2 domains higher than buying two different script for two different​ domainsI though when getting two domain licence it shd be a bit discount for developers using more domains
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Demo Problem

Hi there,The demo is not working. It says the username and password is incorrect. I was using it recently so not sure why?
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Admin extensions

Hello ,What is your theme compatibility with other admin extension, if i try to install new extension how can I access them from the menu ?
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lost username

On your site there is not reset for username.I forgot mine and when i put the verification code in there with my name it rejects it.How do i get my old account back since i have purchase done.I also managed to insall and the theme is so slow when it load?...why
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Front End extension

I have a frontend extension called Ultimo.Will this extension interfere with that?Can it be installed without affecting the front end?ThanksPeter
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User Dashboard

Hello, Does your admin theme affect the user dashboard when a customer logs in?
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multistore function

Hi there,I have 1 Magento installation with multistore function. Do I need to have more than 1 licence for this extension?
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Jean Carlos

We have several modules installed in our backend system your skin will affect the functionality of these modules? They will appear on your skin or not?
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Hello1 - If I buy the theme and the same affect third mudulos I have installed in the store I can return the product and get my money back?2 - One more question , what is the difference between "AUTO RENEWAL and STANDARD PAYMENT"? Explain to me better on both!Jean Carlos
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Add product in mobile view

Hi I can't see the add product button in mobile view. Is this fixed in the current release?ThanksMartin
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branding info and customization

hi, is it possible to remove the branding or customise the magento and version info in this theme? thanks a lot.
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Hi this theme works with http://amasty.com/extended-product-grid-with-editor.html ?Ty
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Faded grey overlay buttons

Hi,I bought the product but I have faded grey overlay over buttons (not all pages but users -> role -> create and some others).How can we fix this bug ?Thanks
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magento1 version vs magento2 version

When I look into the demo for Magento1 there is a possibility to change the configuration of the Cmsmart AdminTheme (system -> configuration -> Cmsmart extension).I can't find that option in the Magento2 demo. Can you tell me where I can find it?
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magento 2 rtl suport

hi , where can change to rtl for magento 2 ? also its support rtl and ltr in same time (if change language to arabic will be rtl ?) ?
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2019, May 22

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