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MPANEL | Magento Responsive Admin Template

Yes, it is. You can view in other devices anytime, anywhere. This is very user friendly and save your time.
Please go the back-end and refer the instruction here: Theme config/ Menu: Position and Icon/ Menu position.
Please go the back-end and refer the instruction here: Theme config/ Avatar
With the search tool helps you find anything in admin panel easily though. It is designed to boost the admin search experience to the maximum
Yes, you can change the color in the back-end, please follow the path here: Theme config/ button style.
This admin theme is built by CSS3, HTML5 and chart JS. With ChartJS we create animated, interactive graphs on admin theme.
Yes, of course. Our products support for the entire theme on Magento 2.
You can always download the purchased items for life time as it still for sales status on the Cmsmart Marketplace. Please come to the Download section to immediately download the products right after payment.
However it is important to remember that when an item is removed from the Market sites, it will be removed from your Downloads page as well. We offer the download page as a convenience for buyers, but we can make no guarantees as to the ongoing availability of the files you have purchased.
Yes! You should know that PayPal supports including all major types of Credit cards. Visit PayPal for more information. So you still can pay via PayPal with your credit card or E-check. We also support Credit Card payment via and Skrill.
Yes. You can modify the product at your discretion for your own web-sites. However, you can’t resell or place the modified extensions (as whole) for downloads on your websites.
The download link always is automatically sent to your payment email within 5 minutes after the payment is done. Please check your inbox, open your confirmation email and there is your own product download link. You can also check the Download menu in your Profile C-Panel on Cmsmart to see the download link
After you purchase our product successfully, you have 6 or 12 months to download and upgrade product (It depends on type of products)
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The magento admin URL is the URL you use in your web browser to access the backend or admin panel of your Magento store. This is the information hub for your Magento store – where you can view, edit and manage everything from order data, customers, to settings for your checkout, and extensions

Changing your admin URL is one small step in the bigger picture of security. Changing your default Magento admin URL is a relatively easy thing you can do to increase the security of your Magento site and make it a little bit more difficult for bots or hackers to find your admin URL to attack it.


Before Making Changes…

Be sure to have a Magento developer on standby, if you change your default admin URL and then can’t access your admin panel, you may need a developer to make changes to the database or site files to fix the issue.

To follow sound development practices, and to protect from your live site going down, it is best to make these edits on a development environment first. We would also recommend contacting your hosting provider to make sure they don’t have firewalls that wouldn’t allow the changing of your Magento admin URL.

The easiest method that requires no coding, is to make changes in the Admin panel settings.

  • Log into your Magento Admin
  • Go to Stores > Configuration
  •  IN the Magento 2 Backend Navigate to Configuration 
  • In the “Advanced” section – click on Admin
  •  Expand “Admin Base URL”
  •  On the configuration page select admin from the menu 
  • Expand the “Admin URL” section by clicking on the arrow with the circle around it
  • Notes: When entering your new admin URL, be sure to keep the same root as the storefront, adding onto your normal site URL
  • Set the “Custom admin URL” to Yes – you may have to uncheck the “use system value” to be able to change this setting
  • In “Custom Admin URL” set your URL. Make sure that base URL ends with ‘/’ (slash), e.g. http://yourdomain/magento/
  • In “Custom Admin Path” add your new path that will be added after the “/” slash in your URL above.
  • Set “Use Custom Admin Path” to Yes
  •  Set the new admin URL path 
  • Be sure to click Save Config to save your changes.

Go to your Magento website. Add /admin to the URL and reload the page.

Type in your username and password that you set up during the installation process.

Magento 2 can seem slower than other e-commerce platforms. Part of the problem is due to the fact that Magento is a complicated platform, so sometimes developers just don’t know what slows it down.

Most of the time, when your Magento 2 Admin Panel is slow, it also means your front-end is slow. We’ve created the most definitive Magento 2 optimization guide on the web to help you speed up your store. While the fixes there don’t target Magento 2 Admin Panel speed, there are a lot of tips that work for both website frontend and backend performance, so check it out if you haven’t.

In this guide, however, we’ll assume you’ve exhausted all other options and your Magento 2 Admin Panel login is still very slow. Here are 11 ways how you can fix that.


There are a lot of coders these days using XAMPP & WAMP etc. as their localhost Mage server. However, a localhost Magento admin may face different problems. Hence one of the most common problems is enabling to login in to the backend. Sometimes Localhost Magento Admins can’t access the backend even using correct details (username or id & pass). You can read how to Log-in Magento Admin in Local host here

Visit your Magento admin backend in a browser, and click the link Forgot your password. Insert your email address, complete the CAPTCHA, and then press on the Retrieve Password button. An email will be send to your email address, containing a password reset link.

Magento 2 admin grid is a kind of table that lists the items in your database table and provides some functionality like sorting, filtering, deleting, updating data in the Magento backend. In other words, it is a kind of table that lists the items in the database table and provides access to all the tools needed to run the store.

What is the difference between the Magento admin grid and the Admin Panel?

The Magento admin grid, as we said, is a kind of table with data that you can transform, update, or delete in the Magento backend. But the Magento Admin Panel is a whole admin area with 9 tabs that allow you to perform different transformations depending on the tab you have chosen to make changes and manage your store.



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